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  • Full of laughs

    By CarlaKhub
    These are one of my favorite series. I actually laugh out loud and get weird looks from strangers. It’s worth it though!
  • Loving the books! ... Still

    By Kaprich
    I'm so glad that Stephanie is still unattached. If/when she settles down- the story will be ruined.
  • Notorious Nineteen

    By Wilkie819
    I just read this book because of all the bad reviews. I wish I had read it sooner. There were great laughs, and all the characters I love were there. Read the book, u will enjoy it, just like all the others.
  • Amazing again!

    By Theoak80
    It was amazing and funny too! Hoping for another plum novel with more Ranger!!
  • Awesome

    By mybabybear
    If you like the "Number" series books, you'll love like book too!
  • Another awesome installment in the Plum Series

    By Boham69
    I love this series and all of the characters the author has created. I laugh out loud reading these books. I want more! Once I start reading, I can't stop. I read this book in one day.
  • Disappointing

    By Katem1540
    This series is basically the same book nineteen times. I am beyond disappointed with this. I mean its been nineteen books and there is still no decision between ranger and morelli. It's just getting ridiculous. I thought for sure something would happen in her love life. But it's still just sleeping with morelli and kissing ranger. Seriously janet write a book where something actually happens in Stephanie's life instead of writing the same story. And the endings are always the same. This series started out good but just got to be repetitive and now I've lost all respect for this author for trying to keep this series going instead of giving readers a conclusion.
  • Fabulous

    By Omgreally
    Loved it!
  • Fan of Stephanie Plum

    By Need a few more
    Great book just as all the others. Waiting on the next just to see what Stephanie can get her self out of.
  • Slow moving!

    By Njoy3
    This book seems to ramble on about food,sex, etc. I could not identify with the characters as I am not as obsessed with food as they were! Stuck it out and finished the book,but I had the ending figured out well into the early part of the story. Not the best read!! I will not bother with her books again!